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Assignments Have Been Sent!

If you signed up for Blue Christmeth, your match should be heading toward your inbox! If you didn't get one, check your spam folder. You can also see your assignment under the "My Assignments" tab when you are logged in to AO3. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email bluechristmethmods at gmail!

Remember--assignments are secret until the archive is revealed in January! You're certainly welcome to privately discuss with a beta reader but please, don't make any public posts about your Blue Christmeth fanworks until the archive is revealed.

Also, I tried my very best to find the best match for everyone, but if you feel that you've gotten an assignment that you just can't work with, please try to come up with something that you think your recipient might like based on what they requested. (Eg if they requested Saul/Jesse, and you can't write that pairing, maybe you can come up with a nice Saul and Jesse friendship story, or a Saul gen story that deals with some other aspect of the prompt.)

Merry Blue Christmeth to you all!
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