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How's everybody doing? 9 of you delightful dealers have already delivered their completed products and are hopefully celebrating with a well-deserved beverage! The rest of you: you have until midnight (EST) on Saturday the 10th! (What time is that for me?)

If you're new to AO3 exchanges, here's a great tutorial about how to submit gifts. (It was put together by our pals at secretmutant​ so you'll have to mentailly substitute "Blue Christmeth" for "Secret Mutant" and "Breaking Bad" for "X-Men" but all the basic steps are the same.)

If you know you won't be finished by the deadline, please email us at bluechristmethmods at gmail.com to default!

If you have any other questions, email or leave a comment.

Also, I'm getting Blue Christmeth Madness put together tonight, so look for a post about that soon.