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Blue Christmeth 2014 is Open!

Blue Christmeth 2014 is now open for business! Everything was ready to go, and I know AO3 can sometimes add a little delay after we click “reveal,” so I revealed the collection a little early. You might not have gotten an AO3 Gift Notification yet, but you can look under “Gifts” on your dashboard when you’re logged into AO3 to find your gift. Or you can go to the main collection page and browse all the great gifts!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and extra thanks to our heroic pinch-hitters! Which reminds me—please make sure to leave a comment thanking your Blue Christmeth Dealer! Even on the off-chance that you don’t totally love whatever they created for you, remember: someone made it just for you, and they’re waiting anxiously for your feedback :)

Also, there’s still another week to submit treats to Blue Christmeth Madness!