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1. DBAA. Don't be an asshole. The number one rule for all fic fests, I feel. Remember you are making a present for someone else and someone is making one for you, so please be courteous both to your recipient and to your gifter. (So, in your requests please don’t say something like, “And no ____________________! _______________makes me sick!” Of course you can say if there are characters/scenarios you’d rather not see, but keep in mind that those might be someone else’s favorites and try not to phrase your request in a way that might make them feel bad.)

2. Fic length is a minimum of 1000 words. Feel free to write more, if you wish!

3. You can request up to four things but one of them MUST be gen.

4. Your story MUST be complete. No works in progress, no prologues to a longer fic, no chapters of a larger story. Art must also be complete, whatever that might mean for your particular style of art.

5. Gifts must be in by 11:59 PM (EST) on Saturday, January 10, 2015. Anyone who does not have a gift uploaded by that time will be automatically defaulted and the assignment will be given to a pinch-hitter.

6. The exchange is anonymous, so please don't reveal who you're writing for until it's officially revealed on AO3!

7. Understandably, then, don't post your fic/art elsewhere until after the reveal, at which point you should feel free to post it wherever you'd like!