heisenmods (heisenmods) wrote in bluechristmeth,

It's Over When I Say It's Over

(Okay, it's over!)

Both the Blue Christmeth and Blue Christmeth Madness collections are now revealed and closed. Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and extra thanks to our fabulous pinch-hitters Sylvestris and warriorpoet! Between the two collections, we created a total of 31 fabulous new Breaking Bad fanworks this holiday season. Yeah, bitches!

Now that the collection is unanonymous, you're all welcome to repost your work on other sites! I hope everyone had a wonderful Blue Christmeth!

PS sorry for sending out duplicate gift messages, I accidentally closed and reopened the collection while I was trying to un-anonymize it WHOOPS.

Tags: blue christmeth 2014
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