Blue Christmeth 2014!

We had a really good response to the idea of Blue Christmeth 2014, so we’re excited to announce that it’s ON! It’ll run pretty much exactly the same as last year’s. Sign-ups will be open Monday, November 17, 2014 through Saturday, November 29, 2014.

We’ll post again when sign-ups officially open, but we just wanted to announce that it will be repeating this year so you can all start thinking about your requests!

In the meantime, If you need an AO3 account to participate, email us at bluechristmethmods at gmail and we’ll send you an invite. If you have questions, check out the FAQ or comment here.

Otherwise, we’ll see you in November! :D


Blue Christmeth Mods

Pinch-Hitter Sign-Up 2014

Are you willing to pinch-hit and help create a last-minute fic or work of art for someone if their original Blue Christmeth Dealer defaults? We hope so! If you are, please leave a comment on this entry with this information:

AO3 Name:
Email address:
Characters/Pairings you're willing to write:

Comments will be screened. Thanks in advance for being willing to help out!

Blue Christmeth 2014?

Hi all!

Hi all! I know it’s a little early to be getting into the holiday spirit, but I just wanted to do a survey of interest to see who might be interested in Blue Christmeth 2014. I know the show is over and I don’t have a good idea of how many people are still actively in the Breaking Bad fandom. If there’s not enough interest, then I’m fine with having last year be the first and only Blue Christmeth. But if enough people are interested, we’re happy to run it again!

For those who missed out last year and don’t know what I’m talking about—Blue Christmeth is a Breaking Bad holiday fanwork exchange, open to both artists and authors. You can read last year’s FAQ--if we repeat it this year, it’ll be very similar.

For purposes of interest gauging, please comment here if you'd like to participate this year OR just like this post on Tumblr.

Feel free to send an ask or email with questions or comments!


Blue Christmeth Mods

It's Over!

The Blue Christmeth collection is now revealed, so you can see who was responsible for your gift (and thank them for it, if you haven't already!) You're also now welcome to repost your fanworks on your own LJ/DW/Tumblr/wherever.

Blue Christmeth Madness is also revealed and closed.

Altogether, there are 33 new Breaking Bad fanworks to check out! Yeah, bitch!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and extra-special thanks to SegaBarrett and warriorpoet for stepping up as pinch hitters!


Blue Christmeth Mods
alienswamp, heyjupiter, & poisoninthewater

Merry Blue Christmeth!

Yeah, fanworks! Yeah, AO3!

The Blue Christmeth archive is open! You should get an email notification of your gift from AO3 shortly, but sometimes there can be a delay from their servers. If you haven't gotten an email yet, you can log in and see all your gifts on the left side from your dashboard. And then browse the archive to see everyone else's cherry product!

A few things to keep in mind:

- It's just basic fandom courtesy to leave a comment thanking your gifter, even if what they made for you wasn't exactly what you were hoping for. Everyone worked hard on their gifts, and maybe they struggled with the prompts they got, but they still created something just for you! So DBAA and DO leave them a thank you comment :)

- Even if you defaulted from the challenge, please still check out your gift and thank the author/artist. (It's okay, it happens! But don't leave your dealer hanging.)

- The challenge is anonymous until author/artist reveals on the 25th, so please don't post your works elsewhere until then! After the reveal, you're welcome to re-post your stuff on your own LJ/DW/Tumblr/wherever.

The Blue Christmeth Madness archive is ALSO open now, but people can continue to add to that until the 25th (yes, even if you didn't sign up for non-mad Blue Christmeth!), so make sure to check back later for more fics!

Blue Christmeth Update

We know the collection was supposed to open at midnight, and it DID, on our end. Unfortunately, we suspect our collection may currently be the victim to some of the server slowness that AO3 has had over the last month, because it hasn't actually opened yet.

We put in a ticket with AO3 support, and we're hoping that it will be actually open soon! All fanworks are in & approved, and both Blue Christmeth and Blue Christmeth Madness are ready to go as soon as AO3 lets them! We'll be sure to post on Tumblr and LJ when they are actually fully opened. (Also, AO3 is supposed to send a gift notification email, but I know that system had some problems with some other recent gift exchanges, so you may not actually get an email.)

We're very excited for everyone to see the collection & we hope it shows up soon!


Blue Christmeth Mods

We're Done When I Say We're Done

The deadline for submitting your fanworks has passed! Thanks so much to everyone who turned in their fanworks on time! The collection is looking great.

Here's what happens next: there were a few people who were unable to make the deadline. Pinch hitters will take over for them and create something for their recipients. The wonderful pinch hitters will write like the wind & finish their new assignments by Saturday, January 18th, when the collection is scheduled to open. The collection will not open until there is a fanwork for everyone who signed up. No one will get left out of Blue Christmeth, we promise!

After the collection is opened, the fics will all be up anonymously for one week. After that, we'll reveal the collection and you'll find out who created that awesome fanwork for you!

The Blue Christmeth Madness collection will be opened & revealed at the same time as the regular collection. However, you can keep adding treats to the Madness collection up until the author reveal on the 25th.

As ever, if you have questions or concerns, drop us a line at bluechristmethmods at, comment here, or send us a Tumblr ask!

30 Hours to Go!

30 more hours until Blue Christmeth stories are due!! How are you feeling? Have you already uploaded yours to the collection & are now kicking back with a well-earned SchraderBrau? (Good job! Thank you!) Or are you frantically typing away, pausing only for pizza and dipping sticks? (You can do it! There's still time!)

If you really don't think you can finish your story by 11:59pm EST tomorrow night, please email bluechristmethmods at ASAP so we can arrange for a pinch-hitter for you! (It's okay! We understand that there are maybe things besides Breaking Bad going on in your lives. But we do want everyone who signed up to receive a gift from someone.)

If you are confident in your speed-writing/drawing abilities, you can sign up to be a pinch-hitter and win eternal devotion from the mods.

And, finally, a reminder that Blue Christmeth Madness is open until January 25th, and treats of all sizes can be posted there.

One Week Left!

Yo, bitches, just a friendly reminder that Blue Christmeth stories & artworks need to be added to the collection by 11:59 (Eastern time) on Saturday, January 11th! If you have any questions about the process, please check out the FAQ and then email us at bluechristmethmods at or send a Tumblr ask if you still have questions.

You can post treats to Blue Christmeth Madness anytime until the reveals January 25th!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and happy blue year to you all!

Blue Christmeth MADNESS!

Blue Christmeth Madness

Can't get enough Blue Christmeth? I know, it's hard to stay away--that stuff is like lighting your whole head on fire.

Well, good news: Blue Christmeth Madness is open for business. It's basically like Yuletide Madness, Secret Mutant Madness, or any other fannish madness. Check out the AO3 profile for more details, but in short: it's open to anyone, including those who didn't sign up for the main Blue Christmeth challenge! There are no minimum word counts, so if you weren't sure about hitting the 1000 word minimum for the main challenge, now's your chance to check out all the awesome prompts and go for it!

Help us expand our territory--please tell your friends about Blue Christmeth Madness!

You do still need an AO3 account to participate, so if you don't have one, email us at bluechristmethmods at and we will hook you up.

PS If you just can't get enough Blue Christmeth, why not sign up to be a potential pinch hitter? Seriously, why not.